Rails to Trails Advocacy – York – Pennies, June 21, 6pm

The City of York is proposing Rails to Trails as a Pennies for Progress 5 project – an exciting active transportation option!

**Attend York’s Pennies 5 meeting tonight (Wed., 6/21, 6pm, 10 N. Roosevelt St., York) to hear the proposal, show your support, and make public comments.**

Pennies for Progress traditionally has funded road projects – widenings or repavings. But it could be used for more! The “York County Capital Projects Sales and Use Tax Program,” Pennies’ official title, can include any transportation-related project.

Active Transportation is critical to a healthy community. York’s proposed Rails to Trails project has many benefits to the users including physical and mental health; social; recreational; economic; and for commuting. Also, adding this as a transportation route alternative could lessen burden on other roads – benefiting others.

Transportation typically is the #1 complaint from people living in York County. York County’s Pennies for Progress program is an innovative program to address this. Let’s support this exciting project for active transportation in our region!

Big kudos and thanks to the City of York councilmembers and staff who are supporting this visionary proposal.

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