Will Elected Officials Support Bike/Ped Policies & Projects?

The SC primary elections will be on June 9, 2020. Foremost on many people’s minds is the COVID-19 impact – on our health and economy. People with serious underlying medical conditions, like heart disease, diabetes, or severe obesity, seem to be at higher risk for developing more serious complications from COVID-19[1]. Already too many people have lost jobs and don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Not everyone in York County can get to a food store. And as people were forced to stay home, taking safe walks or bike rides in our neighborhoods became even more important. These issues show that the Bike/Ped Coalition vision of an engaged York County where bicycling, walking and running are safe, accessible and preferred forms of transportation and recreation remains critical. So reach out now to candidates running for elected office to understand their positions on policies related to active living and access to healthy foods!

York County residents can have an impact if we voice the importance to our community of active living. Candidates who learn about these issues now will be more likely to support related policies once elected. The Bike/Ped Coalition of York County suggests questions that you can ask candidates. Ask the candidates questions about policies that promote safe pedestrian and cycling access. We hope that candidates and our community will think about infrastructure, intersection visibility, and policies to support people walking and rolling safely.

In the past year in York County, seven people walking or biking, both children and adults, have been killed. In SC year to date, 44 pedestrians and 2 bicyclists have been killed[2].  Most of York County lacks continuous pathways on arterial or collector roads.

  1. What will you do to support safe walking and increase neighborhood walkability? To support safe cycling?
  2. How would you reorient policy to support safe walking and cycling?
  3. What are your views on prioritizing infrastructure, intersection visibility, and policies in support of safe walking and cycling?
  4. Do you support comprehensive Safe Routes to School initiatives to increase physical activity and safety, particularly in light of our continuing local childhood obesity epidemic[3]?

Authored by Liz, Steve, Janet and Ben, May 18, 2020

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